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Know the basics of making bread and want to take it to the next step? Confident bread making looks at:

-Sourdough bread (hands on)

-Using bannaton/proving baskets.

-Danish pastries (demo)

-Twisted, filled knotted bread. (hands on)

Confident Bread

Making Class




Around 4 hours

17 years +


What people Say...

What you get...

"I went home with joy in my heart, three bags full of bread, and a little mini-Sam of my own. We feasted on the bread, and raved over it, especially as my kids were sure that I hadn’t made it!"


Running Dates...

bread tray Review from Westport Wonderer

- All ingredients & equiptment.

-Complimentary tea, coffee & soft drinks.

-4 hours of teaching.

-Small class sizes.  

-Use of one of our aprons (or you can bring your favorite if you want!)

-Recipe Handouts

-Sourdough starter to take away.

-Take home all you make!


* Please inform us of any allergies when booking.

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