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We are proud members of Real Bread Ireland,  check out their page by clicking on the Real Bread Ireland logo to the top right.

We make all our breads from scratch using only fresh yeast, that means no additivies and no fast proving. By using a slow fermentation (minium of 12 hours) gluten within the bread is broken down, making it easier for some people to digest. But above all the long fermentation time results in a unique flavour, not often found in part baked or speed proved breads.


Yeasted Breads

We produce a sourdough bread (that has a hint of wholemeal!). We take the time to make this from scratch, using our own sourdough starter called Sam!

Sourdough uses a wild yeast starter instead of commercial yeast. This creates a slight sour taste to the bread that is great with stews, cheese or just with some good Irish butter!


Our regular daily breads;

-Seeded wholemeal Loaf*

-White Rustic Baguette*

-Rosemary & Black Olive*

-Our own Sourdough Loaf

* Also available in rolls.



Non Yeasted Breads

We produce:

-Traditional brown soda bread, topped with oats daily.

-We can make white soda for spechial requests or you might find it on one of our Saturday spechials!

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